"I wouldn't trade my hair for the world."

Meet Diana from Los Angeles! Diana shares her story on how she started to love her curls in the middle of the pandemic. While straighteners weren't needed, her curls began to flourish and she stayed true to her beautiful curls and now flaunts them full-time!

Meet Diana from Los Angeles! Diana shares her story on how she started to love her curls in the middle of the pandemic. While straighteners weren't needed, her curls began to flourish and she stayed true to her beautiful curls and now flaunts them full-time!

The Journey

What inspired you to return natural?

Hello, My name is Diana and I live in Los Angeles, CA USA. So what inspired me to go back and stay with my natural curls was during last year during the Pandemic, we weren't going out. I had no reason to straighten my hair and one day I took a picture of my hair after washing it and applying products... And... It did not look good. It was all big, poofy, and damaged since I'd been straightening my hair for years!

So after looking at those pics, I told myself, enough was enough. I'm not going to care about what other people say, I'm going to start taking better care of my hair and overall my wellbeing. THAT is what inspired me to take better care of my hair and achieve perfect and defined curls. And of course, the different hair bloggers and a few of my curly girl and guy friends. And so far, I am almost 10 months into my curly hair journey, and it is going pretty good. I can definitely see some progress, I can see my curl patterns with each time I wash, co-wash, and even refresh my hair. I am still experimenting with different products but all in all, I wouldn't trade my hair for the world.

What were the challenges (if any) along the way of your healthy hair journey?

There were a lot of challenges. First of all, I completely didn't know what my hair texture was because of the heat damage and dying that I had done. Second, testing and experimenting with different shampoos, conditioners, and hair products so that took a while (I am still trying to figure out which products work for me or not but so far I've gotten some faves). Third, Hair Masks. No one has ever told me that Deep Conditioning and Protein Treatments were SUPER important especially if you have Just Started Your Curly Hair Journey. Fourth and Finally... Patience and Acceptance. It takes time for your hair to recover and accept however your curls come out.

What is your number 1 curl tip?

Learn how to style your hair. Because you can have these amazing fancy-schmancy expensive or super cheap products... BUT! If you don't know how to apply and style them into your hair, then you'll end up with unwanted results and it just won't look the way that you envisioned it. Trust me. It took me months on how to style my hair (I'm still learning but I'm getting the knack of it).

Discovering Flora & Curl

What made you buy Flora & Curl products? How did you hear about us?

On Instagram, I saw a lot of curly hair girls applying the products and then they would get these amazing curls! So one day I went into Ulta, and I saw the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion and the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel, so since I ran out of my gel and leave-in conditioner, I said to myself "let me give this a try." And I did, so far I love it! I just bought the Coconut Mint Scalp Refresh Shampoo and the Coconut Mint Curl Refresh Conditioner and so far I am loving it!

How did you see your hair change after using Flora & Curl products?

Much fresher, lightweight, and I get the real definition of my curls! I absolutely love it! I am going to buy the Coconut Mint Scalp Refresh Pre-Shampoo Oil and Coconut Mint Scalp Refresh Mist (which I am so excited to try!)

Which Flora & Curl product is your favourite and why?

So far the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion. It smells so good and it has amazing ingredients. It is also very light and the consistency of it is very creamy and a little bit goes a long way.

What is your current Flora & Curl haircare routine?

Washing my hair and scalp with the Coconut Mint Scalp Refresh Shampoo and the Coconut Mint Curl Refresh Conditioner twice a week. After I hop out of the shower, I apply the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion first and then scrunch the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel in. I then let it air dry and then diffuse.

What sets Flora & Curl apart from other brands/products on the market? 

That these products are truly made for curly hair. And all curl types! And how it uses all-natural ingredients, it just works so amazingly. Plus their products are very unique and original. I have never seen products like these ever before.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Diana! We're so happy to hear that you're loving our products too. If you'd like to follow Diana's curl journey, you can do so through her Instagram here.

If you're one of our loyal curly customer's why not share your curl journey with us? We'd love to hear your story! And if you're a newbie here, welcome! Get inspired even more by giving our Customer Curl Journey page a browse! 

Naturally Yours, 
The Team at Flora & Curl

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