Founder's Story

Hello, my name is Rose, and I am the founder and formulator of Flora and Curl Haircare.

When I returned natural, my scalp was damaged after years of chemically processing and straightening my hair. I would often leave the relaxer on my hair for over an hour, which would leave my scalp burnt and sore. In returning natural and embracing my natural hair, I discovered that many products on the market were formulated with poor quality ingredients or harsh ingredients: whether drying alcohols in gels or harsh detergents in shampoos or fillers that led to constant build-up, nothing ever seemed to treat my hair with the love that I felt that it deserved.

Flora & Curl is the creation of my shared journey to restore the health of my scalp and truly hydrate my curls. I found enjoyment in experimenting with plant-based ingredients from around the world, from Brazilian oils to Ghanaian butters and botanical ingredients, all in my mum’s kitchen (where I began experimenting!). I chose the freedom in cutting off my natural hair, trying out different formulas and in my spare time, I started recording myself in the kitchen making D.I.Y hair and body care recipe videos. I ultimately learned how to take care of my natural hair from a minimalist perspective that was radically different from the norm.This inspired me to develop my line of products that were inspired by this philosophy.

I launched an inspirational blog to further the discussion about healthy textured hair. In doing so, I was able to connect with an amazing community of women starting or learning about their natural curls, who equally desired moisturised hair, as dryness was one of the main concerns we would discuss. But I knew that I wanted to distinguish my brand in an industry with a lot of greenwashed marketing and heavy ingredient claims. Studies continue to show that the textured haircare market contains more hazardous and harmful ingredients compared to its counterpart (EWG & Silent Spring Institute). Flora & Curl is a moisture-centred, plant-powered haircare range made with gentler ingredients, for anyone who wants results without the use of harsh chemicals.

My goal has been to create the most incredible, aromatherapeutic haircare experience for textured hair and to stray away from the idea that taking care of textured hair should be complicated. We aim to provide a space for self-care, education, the natural hair movement, and a revival of a loving haircare ritual through each product. These are my personal formulas. They are filled with high quality, potent, plant-powered ingredients (mineral clays, flower and fruit oils, organic waters and herbs) and are always free from artificial fragrancing. Instead, each product features my ultimate favourite notes of floral, herbal and fruit-derived essences.

From thoughtfully designed, artful and vibrant packaging to invigorating scents and luxurious textures, I invite you to experience a unique and streamlined way of taking care of you(r curls). Enjoy!

With love,
Rose- Signature
Flora & Curl Haircare


Customer Testimonials

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My daughters fluffy hair

Good, very fast to receive, pretty packaging concentrated formula, smells great.

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes

This is amazing, I love the curl activating lotion. I have never found a product that makes my curls more defined and stay defined without any refresh for 4 days. Found my holy grail!

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All good things in moderation

It’s like crack for hair. When you’re injecting it into your follicles, it will feel like pure ecstasy. But get carried away, and your hair will end up washed up. I learnt the hard way. You only need two hits from the vessel, and don’t go anywhere near your roots. Do it right and you’ll have the softest, most defined hair ever. Do it wrong and your hair will be flatter than a piece of tin foil.

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes

Really amazing product, really light of hair and keeps it soft. Only downside is it dosent go a long way so you have to buy quite often if you have thick hair

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes

I have 2b, 2c, 3a high porosity, fine hair and this product works great for me. It doesn’t weigh and smells amazing. Totally recommend it