Founder's Story

Hey friends! My name is Rose, and I am the founder and maker of Flora & Curl haircare.

When I decided to return natural in 2011, my scalp was badly damaged after years of chemically processing my hair. Flora & Curl is the creation of my shared journey to restore the natural health of my scalp and my hair using gentle and raw ingredients. I shared this journey on my haircare blog and Youtube channel. 

On my journey, I discovered that many products on the market were formulated with harsh ingredients: whether drying alcohols in hair gels, or harsh detergents in shampoos that stripped moisture or fillers that led to constant build up, I felt that nothing ever seemed to treat my hair with the respect and love that I felt it deserved. I found that the brands available at the time didn’t do enough to maximise hydration for my own dry and textured hair, and were low in truly effective ingredients.


In 2017 I launched Flora & Curl with 3 simple essential products: a hair mist, hair oil and hair butter. Compared to conventional haircare products, Flora & Curl is free from artificial fragrancing. Instead, my products feature layered notes of flower, herb and fruit derived blends.

Flora & Curl is an ingredient conscious haircare line made with plant powered ingredients.

Studies continue to show that the textured haircare market contains more hazardous and harmful ingredients compared to its counterpart (EWG & Silent Spring Institute). A report by the Environmental Working Group notes that ''although “natural” hair products presumably have fewer toxic ingredients than traditional, many of these products still contain potentially harmful ingredients''.

I wanted to create products that were not watered down by harmful substances or fillers, but were powered by real ingredients found in nature. Botanical ingredients originate from herbs, flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds etc. Their active ingredient can only be delicately extracted through cold-pressing, steam distillation, time-honoured infusions and compression.


While developing Flora & Curl, I knew that I didn't want to create a line that was overly complicated or that required a complex number of steps. Whether you are a newly natural or a long time natural, the collection is streamlined to respond to the basic needs of your hair. Simple haircare means combining truly natural, effective ingredients to work together in such a way that ultimately: less means more.

I invite you to experience a unique way to care for your curls. The scent, feel and vibrance of my range is carefully crafted to ensure that your daily haircare experience is a sensorial delight that makes you feel good about taking care of you (r hair)!

I love to hear from my customers so if you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch and I will be more than happy to help.

Best Wishes,

Founder & Formulator of Flora & Curl Botanical Haircare

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Let customers speak for us

269 reviews
Would you recommend Flora & Curl to a friend?: Yes
How long have you been natural?: 2-3 Years
Amazing Product!

It was so simple using this product and my 4C hair felt so soft after washing it out. I could literally run my hands through my hair with no tangle. This is my go to for whenever my hair is super dry and feels lifeless. Also it smells wonderful!!

Would you recommend Flora & Curl to a friend?: Yes
How long have you been natural?: 0-1 Years

A little goes a long way with this oil, first time using I think I used too much and it felt a little heavy on my hair (although it still didn't look greasy). However, I have since used as an overnight treatment before wash day and had great results. Smells wonderful too!

Would you recommend Flora & Curl to a friend?: Yes
How long have you been natural?: 0-1 Years

I was very surprised at how much this shampoo lathers. It cleanses my hair and scalp without drying them out. It left my hair soft and shiny. Great product.

Would you recommend Flora & Curl to a friend?: Yes
How long have you been natural?: 0-1 Years

This is a great product, it smells nice and was very easy to apply onto my thick curly hair. It left my hair baby soft, I've never used anything that has been able to soften my hair so much. I love it!

Would you recommend Flora & Curl to a friend?: Yes

I'm so happy; finally found a hair care line that my curls love! It is, perhaps, a investment, but you will get soft and light curls in reuturn! And less is more: use small amounts, that is especially true for the hair butter.