The Easiest 10 Tips To Care For Curls In The Cold

Cold air and curly hair tend not to mix well. Luckily we have collated the best 10 tips to care for your curly hair in the cold air.
The Easiest 10 Tips To Care For Curls In The Cold The Easiest 10 Tips To Care For Curls In The Cold

Cold air and curly hair tend not to mix well. And although Spring is finally here, and the weather is (very) slowly warming up, your curls can still feel that chill! Luckily we have collated the best 10 tips to care for your curly hair in the cold air. In no particular order, first up: 

1) Prioritise Moisture

You must prioritise moisture and hydration during cooler weather. This is because the cold air cannot retain moisture well. Try using a heavier, more nutrient-dense cream. If you have thick curls and coils, go for the Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Cream If you have finer waves or curls, you've got to indulge them in the 

Rose Water Detangling Lotion that is super nourishing, yet surprisingly lightweight. 

2) Seal the moisture with an oil 

As mentioned, cold air does not retain moisture well in the hair. So, the next step for protecting your curls from rapid moisture loss is to seal your curls with a multi-tasking hair oil that protects from external agents such as environmental pollution, harsh weather and also minimises frizz and flyaways.

Citrus Superfruit Radiance Oil. Protect your waves, curls and coils daily with a lightweight layer of superfruit protection that also encourages radiance and healthy shine. 

3) Satin bonnets before bed

Satin material

Did you know that your regular cotton pillowcase can strip your curls of their natural moisture throughout the night? That's why considering a satin bonnet to wear whilst you sleep is beneficial to help reduce not only moisture loss but prevent knotting and tangling of your precious curls! Who doesn't want to wake up with tangle-free and hydrated curls?

4) Deep conditioning treatments

Create a schedule to ensure that you are keeping up with regular deep conditioning treatments. These treatments must be moisture-intensive to help restore the lost moisture throughout the week. 

Try our latest launch for your deep co. Our first ever hair mask, the

Rose Water Molasses Moisture Mask to intensely deliver that much-needed moisture and hydration from the power of curl-loving botanicals. 


5) Hot oil scalp and hair treatments

Hot Oil Treatments For Your Scalp And Curls

Ever heard of the therapeutic hot oil treatment that soothes and nourishes right to the core? If not, we've got you covered with the multitasking Citrus Superfruit Radiance Oil.

The purpose of this treatment is to give your scalp some TLC and encourage blood circulation for healthier hair growth. This treatment is a great way to ensure that your scalp is getting a radiance boost as well as your hair. Because you know what we say: a happy scalp means happy hair!  

Did you know that when your curls are dry, it is more than likely because your scalp is? So, don't forget that your scalp is #1 for overall hair health.

6) Keep on top of trims

Get Rid Of Dead Ends

Keep up with trims to keep your curls healthy, looking shiny and create more ease for yourself when detangling your coils. There's no room for split and brittle ends in any weather! But in the cooler climate with not much moisture in the air, don't deprive your curls any longer. Get rid of those dead ends. 

7) Humectant-based products

Humectant-Based Products For Extra Moisture

Humectants purposefully pull in moisture from the air to the hair shaft. Although not much moisture in the cooler air, give your curls a chance by using humectant-based products to help as much as possible. Most of our products are humectant-based to help with adding as much light-weight moisture to your hair as possible. 

Take a look at our Ingredient Checklist to learn more about our ingredient choices. 

8) Protein to strengthen 

Protein-Based Products To Strengthen Your Curls

Because any healthy hair regimen must have a dose of protein! When using protein in a regime that also includes moisture, your curls can benefit from added strength between the bonds of your hair molecules. Create a balance with moisture for juicy, hydrated and well-balanced curls. 
If you're unsure of the moisture and protein balance, take a look at our blog post: How to Successfully Transition Your Curls. 

9) Make sure hair is dry when leaving home  

Even if you're in a rush, try not to leave the house with wet hair. All types of hair when wet is extremely vulnerable. And with the cooler climate, the water molecules in the hair expand thus, making your hair breakage-prone. You don't want this! Make sure your hair is dry, or pop a satin-lined hat on if you're rushing.

10) Ditch the regular cotton-terry towel

Ditch it. Up-cycle it. Use it for something else, but do not, we repeat: do NOT dry your curls with it.  

These towels are made with the body in mind, not our delicate curls. Regular cotton-terry towels strip the hair of its natural moisture because of its harsh material. Start using an ultra-smooth towel that has anti-frizz technology and dries your curls gently without stripping your hair of its natural and essential moisture.  

Now you're set! You can implement some of these now to keep your curls in check for Spring! How do you protect your curls in the cold? We'd love to know. Share with us in the comments below!

Naturally Yours, 
The Team at Flora & Curl

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