How To Successfully Transition Your Curls

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How To Successfully Transition Your Curls

When transitioning - especially from chemically relaxed hair, or hair that has been under excessive heat and manipulation there is one core element that our coils, kinks & curls need. Moisture. Past research showed that our hair needs a solid regimen that incorporates 50% of moisture and 50% of protein. Now, new research has come to light showing that in fact the ratio couldn't be more incorrect and dated now: 

 (for new transitioners)

Due to the excessive moisture deprivation that comes with using harsh chemicals, manipulation and direct heat to the hair shaft; it only makes perfect sense that we need to stock up on that moisture until our hair tells us otherwise. Here are the signs to listen to your wet coils: 

Gummy & limp
  • needs more protein conditioning treatments 
Coarse & dry
  • needs more moisture conditioning treatments 

In between

  • Opt to add more moisture

Building a regimen

It is important to get to terms with what is needed to make your transition a successful one. Our recommended routines from our streamlined range are made to make your journey effortless. Here are our top suggestions for styling, cleansing and treating your curls with care.

Transitioning Stylers:

Hydration & Moisture

Leave-ins are in the same ballpark as moisturisers. This is due to both products typically being water-based. Water should make the bulk of the products' formula. 

We recommend using our Award-Winning Rose Water & Honey Leave-In Detangler to prime curls with maximum moisture and hydration without the heaviness.


As our hair naturally consists of protein, it's important to make sure that we keep on top of supplementing this element in the hair. Protein-based products help strengthen your hair and protect it from external agents.

We recommend using our Sweet Hibiscus stylers from our Style Me Range. These products are protein-based.


A major misconception of oils is that it has the ability to moisturise and hydrate your hair. This is not completely true. We use oil as a sealant, to seal in the moisture that we have added to our hair i.e. leave-in, water, moisturiser. The oil acts as a protective barrier too. Especially our African Citrus Bloom Superfruit Hair Oil that has been made to protect against pollution, harsh UV rays and seawater/chlorinated water. Our oil recently won the award for Best Hair Oil at the Beauty Shortlist Awards this year (2021).

Transitioning Cleansers

As previously stated, new research shows that instead of fulfilling a 50/50 regimen of moisture and protein - we should be focusing 80% on moisture/hydration. Our Rose Water & Honey Cream Shampoo and Conditioner will ensure a moisture-intensive wash day. On the other hand, when you feel that your hair has reached its optimum moisture and hydration levels, you can start to add our African Citrus Bloom Superfruit Shampoo which is a protein-based low-poo shampoo.

Bonus treatment

When transitioning, we have to take into account that we will be using a lot of product to keep hair healthy. This is good! But, you should always consider completing a clarifying clay mask every 3 - 4 weeks to rid excess build-up on the scalp, remove hard-water impurities and encourage healthy production of sebum.

Not only will our Coconut Mint Curl Refresh Clay Wash reset your curl pattern, but it will also deeply nourish and keep the scalp happy. You know what we say... Happy scalp, happy curls!

Naturally Yours, 
The Team at Flora & Curl

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