6 Tips to Reduce Hair Fall and Breakage

If you’re tired of raking up your excess hair from the bathtub drain and need some fail-proof solutions to reduce hair fall and breakage, you’re in the right place.
6 Tips to Reduce Hair Fall and Breakage 6 Tips to Reduce Hair Fall and Breakage

If you’re tired of raking up your excess hair from the bathtub drain and need some fail-proof solutions to reduce hair fall and breakage, you’re in the right place.

Not only is it enough to make you wince when you’re trying to dislodge hair from the drain, but it’s also a bit rude that, although your curly hair routine seems to be on point, your hair seems to want to run away. So, here are 6 simple tips that may help reduce it all.

TIP 1: Pre-Shampoo to prevent excess drying after cleansing

We have probably said this a thousand times now, and we will continue to yell it at the top of our lungs and on the rooftops… A happy scalp means happy curls! Reduce breakage by starting from the root (and quite literally). Scalp massages with natural and stimulating plant-based oils are proven to help boost blood circulation.

Try giving your scalp a massage twice a week with our Coconut Mint Scalp Refresh Pre-Shampoo Oil before wash days to encourage healthy blood flow in the scalp, reawaken and revitalise. Set your curls up for success by encouraging healthy hair growth. 

TIP 2: Satin Scrunchies are smoother on curls 

Not only are traditional hairbands so 2008, they are also highjacking your hair growth and manipulating your curls each second your hair is tied with one. It’s worthwhile opting for specific curl accessories when trying to reduce hair fall and excess shedding. Satin scrunchies are ultra-smooth on your curls as a premium material glides along the hair shaft without causing frizz and breakage from harsh friction.

TIP 3: Friction-reducing curl-specific towel

It’s time to put the regular cotton terry towels in the bin. Okay, that was quite an exaggeration. Don’t do that, you need them for your body, but for your curls? Absolutely not! All hair types when they are wet are extremely fragile. When drying your hair or plopping after cleansing or styling, you need a soft, smooth and friction-reducing towel. Friction-reducing towels  will help with reducing excess shedding because of the minimised friction on the hair cuticles. It also reduces wash-day frizz—a bonus. 

TIP 4: Dirty deep condition to reduce hair fall

A dirty deep condition is quite similar to a pre-shampoo hair treatment. You’re making sure that before you cleanse, your curls have received the nourishing benefits of moisture-intense ingredients to help detangle without encouraging excess hair fall during wash day.  

Before cleansing your curls, wet your hair with warm water from the shower head or a water bottle and then apply either our protective Citrus Superfruit Radiance Mask to your curls to restore and revive or our Rose Water Molasses Moisture Mask for extra hydration to boost elasticity. This method helps to deter stripping during cleansing.

TIP 5: Liquid, Cream and Oil to keep hydration locked in

When your hair is dry, it’s more prone to breakage. You know yourself when your curls are feeling particularly dry, and when that time comes you need to act… FAST. The best way to ensure your curls are getting moisture, hydration and protection? The LCO method. Try this simple routine to keep your curls cared for when they’re feeling brittle and weak:

Liquid = Use the Rose Water Curl Mist to dampen curls with excellent hydration from balancing white jasmine oil and curl-quenching rose water. 

Cream = If your curls feel extremely dry to the point of no repair, our Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Cream will plump your curls up with the most intense hydration and the perfect dose of protein which will help strengthen your curls in the long run too.

If your curls feel dry, use the Rose Water Detangling Lotion. This will give your curls a lightweight moisture boost.

And if your curls feel dry and look quite limp, bring hydration and your curl pattern back with the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion which also has strengthening protein in it.

Oil = If you’re not keen on using oils in your hair, be prepared to have your mind changed. Our plant-powered protective Citrus Superfruit Radiance Oil yields multiple benefits from its 10+ antioxidant protective properties. It seals in the moisture, keeps it locked in, adds radiance and shine and also is known for its frizz-calming qualities. A must-have in your curly arsenal.

TIP 6: Detangle gently and methodically

Go easy on your curls whenever it’s time to detangle! Do you know how to detangle without ending up with a wad of hair on your comb? If not, we’ve got you covered in our Beginner’s Guide to Detangling. Just make sure you have a water-based product like our Citrus Superfruit Detangling Mist to help unravel the knots and reduce hair fall, breakage and excessive shedding.

How do you try to minimise hair fall and breakage? We’d love to learn more about your tips and tricks too! So, please, feel free to get involved in the conversation and drop us a fact or two in the comments below. After all, we’re on this fantastic curl journey together, right?!

Naturally Yours,
The Team at Flora & Curl

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