4 Easy Tips on How To Make Oils Work For Fine Curls and Waves

4 tips, one result. Healthy, grease-free curls and waves. Just follow these tips to notice a complete difference.
4 Easy Tips on How To Make Oils Work For Fine Curls and Waves 4 Easy Tips on How To Make Oils Work For Fine Curls and Waves

Do you have fine waves or curls? And do they seem to get weighed down extremely easily? It's time to change up how you're using your Citrus Superfruit Radiance Oil with 4 tips from Emily, our Wholesale Manager who also has fine, easily weighed-down curls. 

Tip 1: How much oil should I use to scrunch out the crunch on my fine curly/wavy hair?

"When applying oil to scrunch out the crunch, make sure your hair is dry. Applying on partially damp hair may weigh down your waves/curls. I tend to use this much, but build-up gradually to see how your hair reacts."

Tip 2: What's a good rule for measuring how much oil I should use?

"Less is more! You can always add more oil if you feel like your hair needs it, but you do not want to add too much at the start if your curls are easily weighed down."

Tip 3: Are there any tips to note when pre-shampooing my fine waves and curls?

"When using as a pre-poo treatment, makes sure you wash out all of the oil when cleansing. Any extra oil left in your roots may significantly weigh your curls down."

Tip 4: How else can I use the Superfruit Hair Oil on my fine curls?

"The oil is great for minimising frizz in between wash days. Again make sure you start with a small amount and build if necessary, smoothing over the most frizzy parts."

How do you use your Superfruit Radiance Oil when attempting to avoid the greasy, weighed-down curl look? Share your favourite tips with our curl community in the comments below! Thanks, Emily for helping our curlfriends out!

Naturally Yours, 
The Team at Flora & Curl 

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