The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Afro

Our fro’s are the crowns that we never take off. We share with you the ultimate guide on how to help keep your afro healthy and moisturised in all its glory.
The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Afro The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Afro

Not just for one day, but every day, our fro’s are the crowns that we never take off. World Afro Day is the celebration of afro hair, culture and identity in all areas of society. As more and more curlies embrace their naturally kinky, coily, curly and textured hair. 

From protective styling, to wash days and daily or weekly maintenance, our fros can tend to be dry and generally need a little extra love. We thought we would share with you a few tips and our ultimate guide on how to care for your fro.

1. Create A Simple Routine

To keep your fro healthy, starting a simple routine is a good way to start as curly hair needs love and care. Establishing a routine that works for you will be the key to your fro looking and feeling it’s best.

First up, cleanse

A clean scalp is a happy and healthy scalp and key to achieving a thriving fro. Using a gentle sulphate free shampoo like our Rose Water Cream Shampoo will not only gently cleanse the scalp, but will not strip your curls of its natural moisture.

Pamper your curls with conditioner

The curlier your hair is, the more conditioner you should be using. So, this is a step not to be missed.

Whether you prefer to use a rinse out or deep conditioner, conditioning adds moisture back into our hair giving it a fresh start while also reviving your curls.

A conditioner like our Rose Water Molasses Moisture Mask is an intensive treatment to replenish moisture back to dry and damaged curls. Follow with our Rose Water Detangling Lotion to seal everything in and give you lasting moisture.

Tip: For added benefits, try adding a few drops of our Citrus Superfruit Radiance Oil to elevate and really take your conditioner to the next level.

It is all about trial and error, so find a routine that works best for you.

2. Hydration is Your Best Friend

All textures need moisture, but type 4 hair tends to be drier than other hair types such as type 2 and 3, so fros needs to stay moisturised and hydrated. A great way to maintain the moisture would be to use the LOC or LCO method. 

This is the routine that all curly haired kings and queens should know. This application of Liquid Oil Cream or Liquid Cream Oil are both methods that are an effective way at layering products to provide you with maximum moisture and retention.

Our Rose Water Curl Mist, Citrus Superfruit Radiance Oil and our Rose Water Detangling Lotion will have your fros looking moisturised and staying soft and hydrated in no time.

Staying hydrated by drinking more water is vital to not only keeping your body hydrated and healthy, but keeping your tresses moisturised too.

3. Trim Your Ends Regularly

Trimming your ends is an essential part of a healthy hair regime and for keeping length retention regardless of the length of your curls or shape of your fro. Trimming often will help minimise any breakage you may come across, minimise split ends and help retain your style. Remember, health over length. 

4. Take Time When Detangling

We all hate breakage, so this step is an important one not to be skipped.

Your fingers, combs and brushes can help detangle your curls with minimal breakage and hair fall. Using your fingers can be time-consuming, but you have all the control when feeling for those tangles or separating those knots apart. To start with, your fingers are a much gentler approach to detangling. You can then go in with a comb or brush to get the rest of the knots out.

Just remember when using tools to detangle, always start from the ends and work your way upwards. Make sure you detangle in sections, and don't detangle dry hair!

5. The Bigger The Better

Who doesn’t love more volume and big curls.

Originally from ancient Egypt, the fro pick is a staple in any natural hair regimen. Not only is it an accessory, but it is a cultural icon.

Whether you love to rock your full fro, a twist out, braid out, wash and go, or a cute twa, fro pick is perfect for creating extra volume at the roots or tips.

Just make sure your curls are fully dry, hydrated and moisturised before picking out, to avoid any unwanted frizz.

6. Protect Your Hair At Night

Sleeping on a material like cotton will soak up all the natural oils on your fro, taking any necessary moisture you have tried so hard to maintain.

To preserve the health, shine and moisture, try placing your curls in a pineapple and sleeping on a stain pillow. Alternatively, you can wrap your curls in a satin scarf. 

The silky fabric will cut down friction, tangling and breakage. Protecting your fro at all times.

7. Protective Style

Not only is it stylish, beautiful and nice to try out something new, protective styling is great for length retention and is a perfect low manipulation hairstyle, giving your fro that much needed time to relax. This protective style will help cut down breakage and allow for your hair to grow. Just remember to keep the tension away from your edges and nape.

8. Love Your Fro

Afro hair doesn’t have to be a struggle, and there’s no need to feel bad about the texture of your hair. Too many times our fros can be seen as unmanageable and “not normal”, but that is far from the case.

Your fro is versatile, so beautiful and created just for you. It is an expression of self-love, self-acceptance and a celebration of diversity.

So, pamper your fro and love it in all its glory.

How do you like to rock your fro?

Naturally yours,
The Team at Flora & Curl

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