The Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Natural Hair

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The Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Natural Hair

Are you as obsessed with Coconuts as we are? The multifuncitonalities of a coconut and its components are never-ending! It is known for being an effective beauty cleanser, face and body cream and yet it still has so much to offer. Especially to our scalp and curls.
The oil from a coconut not only conditions our tresses excellently, it also nourishes our scalp, encourages hair growth, hydrates our strands and it provides natural hydration to even the most dry and brittle curls.
Rich in lauric acid, Coconut oil has a high affinity for hair protein. It easily penetrates the hair shaft because of its low molecular weight. Not to mention its gorgeous tropical scent.
Keep calm and carry on reading why we are going going crazy for coconuts!

Benefits of Coconut Oil 

The benefits of coconut oil are simply amazing. Here are just some benefits that we love to receive from coconut oil.

  • Retains moisture
  • Repair damage
  • Helps with hair loss
  • Prevents breakage and split ends
  • Aids in hair growth
  • Provides luster, shine and softness

The Many Different Ways you can use Coconut Oil 

The versatility makes us go crazy for coconuts too! You can use coconut oil in so many different ways and we are here for it — now and forever!

  • You can use it as a pre-shampoo oil
  • It helps to effectively detangle your hair
  • You can add coconut oil to your shampoo and conditioner to enhance your products with extra benefits
  • It's great for hot oil treatments
  • Scalp massages with coconut oil to encourage hair growth
  • It excellently seals and retains moisture 

You can find the brilliant Coconut powder, water and oil in our Soothe Me and Hydrate Me range for optimal hair and scalp health! What do you use your Coconut oil for?

Naturally yours,
Team Flora & Curl

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