Morning Haircare for Curls, Waves and Coils

We don’t always wake up with our curls ready to be prepped and refreshed for the day ahead. But it’s fine because I have got you covered with the perfect routine to revitalise your curls—and trust me, it's as easy as pie.
Morning Haircare for Curls, Waves and Coils Morning Haircare for Curls, Waves and Coils

We can’t all be THAT girl every day of the week, and that’s okay.

Not every day—or shall I say night, do we get time to stick on our satin bonnets, put our curls up in a pineapple, practice a good night-time skincare routine and change our regular pillowcase to a satin one.

So, unfortunately, we don’t always wake up with our curls ready to be prepped and refreshed for the day ahead. But it’s fine because as this has been tried and tested by yours truly, a THAT girl for 2 whopping days out of 7), I have got you covered to revitalise your curl pattern—and trust me, it is as easy as pie.

STEP 1 Hydrate & detangle

Your curls are set to be a bit knotty and frizzy from not protecting your curls last night. The best thing to do first is to section your curls and dampen them with water. I actually like to use warm water to encourage the cuticles to open–ready for the next step.

Depending on the severity of your knots and tangles, squeeze a healthy amount of the Rose Water Detangling Lotion into your palms and apply it to your curls. Detangle with your fingers from ends to mid-roots (IF you struggle with root volume) and as gently as you can, because the pain you get from tugging on a tangle is probably one of the most cringe-worthy pains out there. And we don’t want to start our day off with a sore scalp and a bad mood.

STEP 2 Style & volumize

Now, tell me how smooth and luscious your curls are feeling. They feel as soft as cotton candy and the frizz has miraculously just disappeared, right? Not at all greasy, heavy or tacky. Just tangle-free and smooth.

So, it’s time to style now you have primed your curls with super-nourishing moisture.

Grab the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Volumizing Foam and apply about 2-3 pumps to your curls and glaze over while you tilt your head upside down. Lift your hair from your roots with the foam emulsified in your fingertips to encourage root volume (if this is something you particularly struggle with). Now repeat the previous steps to your curls right-side up!

STEP 3 Plop, diffuse or air dry

If you fancy extra volume, go ahead and get your diffuser out. Because volume you shall reap by pairing our foam with your diffuser! When diffusing, it really is all about technique. Check out these tips from our brand ambassador @13rianda to get your curls looking as voluminous as ever.

If you’re not keen on using heat on your curls or simply do not have the time to use the diffuser this morning, grab your towel to plop excess water droplets or product by holding the Gentle Curl Towel and cupping sections of your curls and scrunching gently.

Plopping will also encourage more volume and curl clumps. To learn more about the plopping technique, take a look at this tutorial from another Flora & Curl brand ambassador, @alyssarxs. We’re certain that these tips will come in handy one day.

And finally, if you’re like me and your hair doesn’t take too long to dry, from the wise words of The Beatles, let it be and let it dry naturally.

We love this simple 2-product, 3-step routine because it works for all curl types and densities. How do you ask? Because these products are ultra-lightweight but still provide your curls with the right amount of nutrients for healthy, hydrated bounce and volume.

Do you have a special morning curl care routine? We’d love to know. Why not tell us in the comments section below? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Naturally Yours,
The Team at Flora & Curl

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