Marvel's Marvellous Monica Rambeau!

Marvel's Marvellous Monica Rambeau!

Just when we thought Marvel's MCU couldn't represent anymore, they introduce us to Marvel's soon-to-be fave, Monica Rambeau! And we are so here for the representation!

Just when we thought Marvel's MCU couldn't represent anymore from creating a culturally rich movie depicting it's first black hero, Black Panther, they introduce us to Marvel's soon-to-be fave, Monica Rambeau! And we are so here for the representation!

The character Monica Rambeau is played by up and coming actress Tenoyah Parris. Rambeau features in the MCU's WandaVision - Marvel's latest series that gives a deeper look into Wanda Maximoff's (The Scarlet Witch) and Vision's (Wanda's romance interest) relationship.

The series pays homage to different era's of popular television including Bewitched, Malcolm In The Middle and The Dick Van Dyke TV Show (to name a few) where the characters are transformed to these generations throughout. As we are taken back to these eras, we join the journey of black women embracing their natural kinks and coils.

Fitting In

WandaVisions 'Geraldine' aka Monica Rambeau (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Fitting in: during the 50's it was definitely not an era where black culture was celebrated. Unfortunately, that's just how the cookie crumbled back then. But throughout, we watch the transition of Monica's television character Geraldine blossom through the eras of television.

Bringing the fro (Picture: Marvel/Disney Studios)

Bringing the fro: In another segment in the 70s - 80s Rambeau is seen with her gorgeous fro on display. We know that the fro is a symbol of hope, pride and justice and for that - we loved how this was incorporated in Geraldine's (Ramebeau's) role (not a spoiler). MCU didn't shy away from all the cultural connotations throughout the years - way to go!

Cute and Coily (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Throughout the series, in present time, we see Monica Rambeau flaunt her gorgeous kinks and coils with all the curl confidence! We wonder what she used to get these gorgeous twist-out results! Maybe it was a little Flora & Curl magic - you know, our new Twist & Braid Cream? ...We can wish! 

We love seeing the representation of our kinks and coils on the big screen. It is so empowering to the curl community as a whole as we have always been taught that our coils and kinks aren't desirable. But, curl friends, they are desirable. This kind of representation sets up teens and even adults to consider embracing their natural curl pattern and, you know we love to see that.

So, love your curls, let them blossom and be Monica Rambeau - the soon-to-be hero loving every inch of her kinks, coils and curls. Curl friends... ASSEMBLE!

Naturally Yours,
The Team at Flora & Curl

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