How To Find The Right Moisturiser For Dry Natural Hair

Choosing the right moisturiser can be hard, especially for our different hair types as afro textured hair can be naturally dry. So with many different brands and moisturisers out there, it's no wonder we struggle to find which ones work best for our tresses. 
How To Find The Right Moisturiser For Dry Natural Hair How To Find The Right Moisturiser For Dry Natural Hair

Choosing the right moisturiser for your curls can be tricky. Especially due to our different curl types, porosity types and levels of density. With so many different brands that offer a multitude of moisturisers, it's no wonder why we struggle to find the best moisturiser for our tresses.

Determine your porosity type

Porosity is how the cuticles lay along the hair shaft. Learn more about porosity and take the cup test as directed in our previous blog post.

Low porosity > Low Porosity is also known as protein sensitive hair. This means your hair cuticles are tightly closed. This means that it is hard for moisture to be received.

Normal porosity > Normal Porosity means your hair is balanced. You don't seem to notice any problems and your hair seems to be loving what you're doing.

High porosity > Having High Porosity hair means your hair cuticles are fully open and can absorb moisture easily but it does not retain moisture very well. So easy in, easy out! This porosity type loves protein.

Read more about porosity to accurately diagnose your hair type porosity.

Moisturising our hair can come in many different ways. Moisturising after wash day and during the week is the most common way to moisturise to do so. But there are other ways to moisturise too.

Deep conditioning/moisturising treatments

A deep conditioning/moisturising treatment typically used indirect heat from either warming up the deep conditioner or placing on a shower cap¬†to open up the hair cuticles. This process allows the conditioner to enter the hair shaft at a deeper penetration‚ÄĒsimultaneously nourishing your curls to the core and retaining more moisture.

Leave-in conditioners

Leave-in conditioners help to retain moisture straight after the wash day process. Leave-in conditioners are brilliant to use as a daily moisturiser too. Just be sure to check the label of your product to ensure that you can leave the conditioner in for the day.

Daily moisturisers

These are reliable enough to use daily. Just remember that some moisturisers do contain protein. Therefore if you are protein sensitive, it can depend on how frequent you use a particular moisturiser. 

Remember, moisturising with natural ingredients is key. Whether you like the LOC or LCO regimen to keep the moisture in, using hair oil as a sealant is perfect for helping to retain moisture in your parched tresses. Are your curls protein sensitive? Or do they seem to get weighed down easily from moisture? Make sure you check out our ingredients list to ensure that you pick the right product for your porosity type. If you need further help, we are always here at hand. Send us an email at

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