Celebrating Textured Curls This Month and All Year Round

Our hair is the crown we never take off, and celebrating the true beauty in our textured curls is truly amazing. Black hair and the natural hair movement has always been an important part of Black History and its culture. So let's celebrate our curls in all their glory. 
Celebrating Textured Curls This Month and All Year Round Celebrating Textured Curls This Month and All Year Round

Our hair is the crown we never take off and celebrating the beauty in our textured curls is truly amazing. Black hair and the natural hair movement has always been an important part of Black History and its culture. So, this Black History Month let's celebrate our curls in all their glory.

Happy February curlfriends! I think we can all say, textured curls are truly amazing right? From afros, to braids, relaxed to natural and every kink, coil and curl - black hair and the natural hair movement has always been an important part of Black History and its culture.

Born in the 1960s, the Black Is Beautiful movement was a cultural revolution to show representation within the Black communities that still inspires today. The eye-catching Afro hair style took off and was “a symbol of rebellion, pride and empowerment during this time and instigated the creation of a natural hair movement that encouraged black communities to turn away from damaging products and heating tools and embrace their natural hair.

Celebrating and embracing the true beauty in textured curls means making healthy choices through the haircare products we use, so I thought I would share with you a few words of encouragement to celebrating your own curls. I don’t know about you, but my hair is the crown I never take off, and it will forever stay that way.

Ways to celebrate your natural curls

1. Create your own inspiration board

Celebrate your curls by creating a board of inspiration for your hair. This could be hair styles you may want to try, DIY recipes or natural hair icons, who inspires you.

Pinterest is a great way to source hair care tips and natural hairstyles that you would like to try. After all, we all create folders for future recipes to try or vision boards for life choices we want to make, so why not create an inspo board for our hair.

2. Support Black businesses

Supporting natural hair entrepreneurs and Black businesses is a great way to celebrate textured curls. The quality of products and services is often far bigger than beauty brands that are usually not tailored with curly hair in mind.

3. Patience is key

Try not to compare your journey to anyone else’s. It’s called a natural hair journey for a reason. Our hair grows at its own pace, and a product or method that may work for someone else may not work for you and me.

4. Become your own hype woman

Type 4 curls are beautiful. We all have good hair days and not so good hair days, and sometimes we may not be feeling our hair that day. But that’s ok, and our crowns are still gorgeous. Try listening to your favourite playlist on wash day, your favourite podcast, or listen to a few positive affirmations.

5. A sisterhood in the natural hair community

We can really find inspiration from other naturals who may be going through the same thoughts or similar routines as you. Joining a natural hair forum, documenting your hair journey, or visiting natural hair and beauty shows are a great way to feel inspired and feel a sense of sisterhood.

Pamper your curls with good hair practices

1. Create a simple routine

To keep your hair healthy, creating a simple routine is a good way to start as curly hair needs love and care. Establishing a routine that works for you will be the key to your coils looking and feeling it’s best.

2. Hydration is key

Maintaining healthy hair is the most important thing. All textures need moisture, but type 4 hair tends to be drier than other hair types such as type 2 and 3, so our textured coils need to stay moisturised and hydrated. To do this and keep your tresses healthy, you should look for products that are focused on moisture and hydration.

Que Flora & Curl’s Hydrate Me Collection. A collection to hydrate dry strands using products that feature a blend of super hydrating botanicals, such as Rose Water, Raw Molasses, Avocado Oil, Aloe and Raw Honey.

3. Ingredients list

I like to think curl care isn’t complicated and doesn’t have to be complicated. Turning over and reading the ingredients list on the back of a bottle will give you a better understanding of what ingredients you are putting into your hair. Sometimes, taking things back to basics and using products that are powered by plants and nature works just as well.

4. Trim regularly

Trimming your ends is an essential part of a healthy hair regime and for keeping length retention regardless of the length of your curls. Trimming often will help minimise any breakage you may come across and minimise split ends.

5. Protective style

Not only is it stylish and beautiful, but protective styling is great for length retention and is a perfect low manipulation hairstyle. This will help cut down breakage and allow for your hair to grow. Just remember to keep the tension away from your edges and nape.

Type 4 curls are beautiful and our curls are a celebration of who we are. So be proud to wear your kinks, coils and curls in all its glory. After all, our hair is a part of us, and a beautiful way to recognise the beauty in textured hair.

Naturally yours,
The Team at Flora & Curl

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