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    Truly natural haircare is here


    Only powered by pure, plant, flower, fruit and herbal oils to give you a therapeutic haircare experience. Safer ingredients you trust!


No longer should complicated routines be a norm. We believe that your haircare should smell and feel amazing and add enjoyment to your daily routine.

Begin your healthy hair journey with a range of high-quality, sensorial botanical hair food that responds to your hair's daily needs and nourishes your curls with a balanced meal of good-for-you ingredients, the same way a healthy diet nourishes your body. 

We believe that everything we put on our hair should be rooted in nature. The result? A range of highly concentrated haircare blends that achieve amazing results for all curl types.

"I've been raving about this hair mist on my Instagram story so much, as I've been using it constantly during this warm weather....I have to agree that it works fantastic at restoring moisture and stops my hair from feeling dry. It also adds a little bit of shine to my curls as well which is a plus...this is great for adding moisture to your hair that lasts for the whooooooole day." 


"My curls feel super soft, are moisturised and shiny, and the definition is amazing while still maintaining a very natural look which is so key for me! And the smell...ufff... heavenly... like I literally just rolled around in a pile of flowers." 


''Stretched hair achieved by using the African Threading Method. African citrus oil made detangling a breeze!  It has a citrus fruity smell - absolutely love it. Its very moisturizing and it's not too heavy or light. The consistency is just right so it can be used as a sealant and a scalp oil. It's a must try and I will definitely re-order.''


''Do you see the definition tho?! Used the Flora & Curl Curl Refresh Clay Mask yesterday and this is the outcome! My hair defo needed a refresh! The Clay has my curls bouncing, poppin and moisturised!''