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Great Product Discovery Kit!!

These TSA-approved travel sizes are a great way to try out the first 5 products in the FloraCurl line, and the travel bag itself is oh so pretty! The superfruit shampoo and hair oil remind me of fresh-squeezed oranges, and a little goes a long way. The clay wash did a great job of clarifying my scalp and hair without stripping it, encouraging my curls. The detangler leave-in is light-weight with nice slip although the formula was apparently damaged by intense heat during transit (mid-90’s here in Florida) so the scent was odd and a bit unpleasant. The Jasmine mist refresher was badly damaged by the heat because the smell was so offensive I only used it twice and had to dump it. It did, however, do a decent job adding moisture back into my dry curls at the end of the day. Based on all the many positive reviews, I have faith that these two damaged products will perform well and smell wonderful so I have ordered full-size versions of them to give them another go! Customer service has been absolutely outstanding! I definitely recommend this curl-product line!

Love it!

I wanted to try out a lot of the products but didn't want to buy full sizes in case they didn't work for me so this discovery kit was perfect. Out of all the products in the kit, the leave-in detangler is my absolute favorite. It smells great and I really noticed a difference in my hair. I personally don't like the scents of the shampoo, hair mist or oil but I still feel like they do a great job in keeping my curls less frizzy! Overall it was a great way for me to try out their products without having to spend a ton on full size bottles.

Organic Rose & Honey Leave-in Detangler (300ml)

The Moisture Discovery Kit
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Smells great, feels soft, takes care of my curls

I really like the feel of these products. Makes me feel like a princess. My curls like the nice light products too

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Hydrate Me

Jasmine Oasis Hydrating Hair Mist (8.5oz)

O a s i s — a fertile spot in a desert, where water is found.

Floral Hydration is formulated with the best nature has to offer dry hair! Hydrate thirsty hair with a botanically active infusion of floral essences: Organic Rose Flower Water, Aloe Vera and bioactive flower oils of Lavender, Jasmine and Sandalwood. Curls transform from dry and brittle to instantly softened with one spritz.

Why you need it

Unlike spraying hair with tap water or hard water which contain chlorine and various metal minerals, this botanical mist moisturises your curls the way nature intended. Your hair generously receives all the potent benefits, without build up from additional synthetic additives.

“Can't tell you how much I love this lifesaver. This hair mist has become an essential for my braids. It gives relief to my hair and scalp which get so dry and dehydrated.” — Review

    • HYDRATION - Replenishes moisture and instantly conditions dry curls using plant nutrients
    • SOFTENING - Rose Water and Aloe Vera soften and reduce brittleness
    • CURL ACTIVATION - Perfect for activating and volumising curls throughout the week with low reversion
    • SOOTHING - Lavender and Sandalwood soothe the scalp
    • The perfect solution for dry, dehydrated hair.

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Great Mist

I love the smell and how feel in my hair
I truly recommend

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Smell is wonderful

I use this with water on refresh day. Smells so fresh!

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Love the mist!!

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Hair butter and hair mist

Products were shipped properly wrapped and packed, arrived on time. Hair butter is a really wonderful product: ingredients, texture, scent, feel in the hair - moist and light. Great for super super curly hair. Finally, gave it to a friend with much curlier hair as it relaxed my hair too much - was almost straight.
The mist is fantastic - organizes hair softly without making it sticky or hard - just nice extra care. And keeps my curls alive.
Can recommend both products and the butter is perfect for super curly wild hair.

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Great for second and third hair day

I use the hair mist to revive the curls in the morning instead of water. I love the smell and how it leaves my curls moisturised. Would recommend for those days where you need a bit more bounce to the curls on second and third hair days

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Great, Love it!

It hydrates and adds moisture to hair without making them sticky. A small amount goes long way, perfect way to refresh next day curls. At times I also spray a little at night before sleep. I have only used it on dry hair, not sure if it will give better results on damp. Yet to try that. And it does smell amazing!!!!

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Light and hydrating

I love this product for refreshing my 3b curls. A nice light product which adds some much needed moisture without being greasy or heavy. May not work as well for thicker/coarser hair but I love it.


Brilliant to tighten before applying flora & curl rose and honey milk leave-in-detangler!!! Love your products!!!!

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