Hydrate Me Trio Gift Set

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This curl care trio is perfect for restoring moisture back to dry and dehydrated stands on wash day. When your curls need an intense hydration boost, pick up your botanical hydration trio to bring your curls back to softness, suppleness and nourishment. 

This gift set contains the following products:

  • Organic Rose & Honey Cream Shampoo Our shampoo is rich in moisturising oats, organic rose flower water and honey, and packed with Pro-vitamin B to hydrate dry and dehydrated curls while cleansing your curls. This Shampoo strengthens, moisturises, improves manageability and reduces breakage while delivering botanical extracts and nutrients to the hair shaft.

    Organic Rose & Honey Cream Conditioner This Conditioner combines nature's most moisture replenishing actives including organic Rose Water and Aloe Vera Powder, with a botanical combination of many beneficial & essential nutrients for dry and damaged hair, and it smells so good.

    Organic Rose & Honey Leave-In Detangler A botanical detangling conditioner that adds softness and slip to hair to release knots and tangles to make combing and styling manageability easier. It also serves as a leave-in moisturiser with a blend of Coconut and Calendula Oils, perfect for restoring hair's healthy moisture balance. Daily Conditioning - Rose Water adds moisture, slip and shine back into the hair for everyday moisture without weight.

Customer Reviews

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Karen C.
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First time trying Flora and Curl

I really love these products. They leave my hair feeling healthy and balanced and I love the smell so much. I literally cannot sniffing my hair after I use the gel.

Marisol C.
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Hydrate me trio gift set

Absolutely love these products!!

Tara D.
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Hydrate set

Amazing my daughters curls smell and look amazing.

Duncan H.
Would you recommend it to a friend?: No
Left with oily skin and dry and unstylable hair

My wife looked forward to using these products, and followed the instructions to the letter. Unfortunately her normally curly hair was replaced by dry hair that was neither curly or straight, some unpleasant hybrid. And, also her skin on her head was oily after using it. She tried it for a week in case it was just teething problems. Alas, no!

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Customer Testimonials

3640 reviews
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Amazing results!

After trying so many different hair products for curls these are just amazing! Would 100% recommend!

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Love my new Product

Very refreshing! great for 2nd and 3rd day hair

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Lovely soft fabric

Beautiful floral pattern on soft fabric. Looks lovely with all my outfits. This is why I gave the scrunchies 5*

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Product review


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Lovely curls

The curl activator and gel has really given my curls which we’re looking slightly sad a new lease of life.