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Based on your answers, the first thing we’d like to suggest is our deeply hydrating, best-selling COMPLETE MOISTURE THERAPY - the solution to your dry hair woes. People with your hair concern call this their “go to kit.” Effective haircare begins with science and chemistry by applying the layering method of LOC (Liquid, Oil, Cream). This 3-step plan is designed to respond to the daily needs of dry hair in need of deep moisture and revival.

  • Hydrate: Shake mist before use and apply to hair to add much needed moisture to dry strands. 
  • Protect: To keep the moisture from evaporating, rub oil between your hands to warm it up, and apply unto damp hair to seal and lock in the moisture. 
  • Nourish: As the final step, rub a peanut sized amount of the butter between your palms to warm it up, then apply to assist with twist/braid out/flexi rods and bantu knot styling for soft hold. 
Apply this routine as often as needed to meet the daily moisture needs of your curls

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