Our Philosophy - Flora & Curl - Flora & Curl: Pure | Potent | Luxurious | Non-Toxic Curl Care


Flora & Curl is a philosophy and a celebration of our nature and essence, just as we are meant to be.  Our philosophy is centred on four ideas:


Purpose. Our haircare products are designed with purpose and function to help you to respond to the daily needs of your hair. No longer does taking care of textured hair have to feel like a chore, instead we are responding with simplicity. We didn’t want to create a line that was overly-complicated, or required a complex number of products and steps. In creating an affordable, high-quality hair line, the Flora & Curl collection helps to optimise and streamline your hair routine. Simple haircare means combining truly natural, effective ingredients to work together synergistically in such a way that less ultimately means more. Each hair-loving ingredient has been carefully chosen and must directly benefit the hair's health or enhance the effectiveness of our formulas. We aim to help you live a more balanced and beautiful life by simplifying your hair routine.


Balance. We understand textured hair. We know that textured hair is the most delicate of all hair types and tends to be more prone to dryness and breakage. We take the same gentle approach with our scalp. Flora & Curl is an ingredient conscious haircare range made with purity and gentleness for not only our wellbeing but our hair health. We work with, and not against the natural chemistry of our bodies and believe that healthy hair growth begins with a balanced scalp. Harsh ingredients in mainstream haircare such as sulphate detergents have the ability to strip out moisture from our hair. Your commitment to healthy hair begins when choosing what to put in your body, and on your hair. Plant based, restorative hair care is your commitment to healthy, growing hair.


Care. At Flora & Curl we believe in the importance of sustainability. We care for the future generation and believe that personal care should be made in a way that is environmentally safe. Packaging makes up a third of waste in the world. We want our personal beauty choices to have a better impact on the planet that gives. We have sourced minimalistic eco-friendly packaging and delivery materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, and/or reusable. We encourage you to recycle and repurpose our used containers for non-cosmetic purposes. 

 As a Birmingham-based company, all of our products are made in the England. As a British brand, we source our bottles, labels and ingredients from British suppliers because we want to be close to the creating process. This helps the environment and reduces the carbon miles of our products before they hit the shelves.


Life. Our formulas are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. We prefer human feedback!


The result: Our products are healthy, botanically active and thoughtfully made. We support our community through hair care, health and wellness education.