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The Power of Plant Ingredients

I wanted to create haircare products that were not watered down by harmful substances or fillers, but were powered by ingredients found in nature. Botanicals are the powerfully healing and nourishing plant extracts, oils, powders, waters and butters derived from flowers, herbs, nuts, seeds, roots, leaves, barks and berries. And when harnessed in the right way, they can do wonders for our hair. 

What are the benefits of botanical ingredients? 

Botanical ingredients yield many functional and therapeutic properties. As an example, a plant ingredient rich in antioxidants and colour such as cold pressed Papaya oil, can provide ultraviolet protection for the hair preventing damage from free radicals. Other plants such as Jasmine, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Tangerine can act as natural antimicrobial ingredients fighting against bacteria to improve scalp conditions. 

Quality matters. 

Not every ingredient is extracted the same. Many traditional beauty products tend to ignore the quality of their ingredients or water them down. We source ingredients that have been delicately extracted through the processes that honour their purity as well as their integrity (such as cold-pressing, steam distillation, time-honoured infusions or compression).

- Rose, Founder and Formulator


ALOE VERA Applies a protective barrier slowing down the evaporation of the natural moisture in the hair to the outside atmosphere. It contains Lignins which is a property that provides Aloe Vera with its deep penetrating properties. This ingredient is found in the Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist.

ROSE FLOWER WATER Created from the first steam distillation of roses. The ''Queen of Flowers'', rose is stimulating, centering and uplifting. Since the ancient times, Rose water has claimed to be highly prized for its source of perfume, medicinal use, and nutritional properties, leaving a sweet soft scent in the hair when used noticeably. Rose water is a well known hair loving botanical that stabilises your hair’s pH leveland aids in repairing hair’s damaged porosity. It naturally conditions dry hair because it is rich in flavonoids and vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E. This ingredient is found in the Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist.

ROSE FLOWER PETALS Have antiseptic properties and therefore be used to treat scalp irritations. Our journey starts with whole botanicals — the actives found in our selection of wild harvested delicate flowers including rose petals, lavender buds, wild pansy, hibiscus and marigold are delicately extracted in the studio. From this, a unique complex of the botanical actives, combining herbs and essential oils is created, called the Root Blossom Complex™, present in our Flower Garden Butter. This unique infusion is found in the Flower Garden Hair Butter.



JASMINE FLOWER Known as the ''King of Flowers'', is one of the oldest and widely used scented floral in Japan and Africa. It has a warm, exotic, floral fragrance that relaxes, soothes, uplifts, and enhances self-confidence of a person. This exquisite oil is an absolute extraction from white jasmine flowers and it takes a huge quantity of petals to produce an ounce of the essential oil. Jasmine Oil purifies the scalp of bacteria and buildup. The natural healthy healing properties found in jasmine oil eliminate and reduce the possibility of infections and scalp conditions such as dandruff. This exquisite oil is present in the Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist.

HONEY (Quarternised honey) Helps to prevent dry scalp and hair, and remove buildup. Being a humectant, it pulls moisture from the atmosphere into the strands to combat dryness and keep hair moisturized and manageable. Since it helps to remove buildup from the scalp, it relieves itching and combats dry scalp because buildup is not allowed to create a barrier between the scalp and the moisture and nutrients from products applied. This ingredient is present in the Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist.

LAVENDER A powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-septic. Lavender stimulates circulation in the scalp, strengthens new hair growth, and helps to balance the natural oil production of the scalp. It is made from the flowering buds of certain species of lavender, and is likely what was known in Bible times as spikenard, or spikes of nard, a once common name for lavender, very commonly used for perfume because of its very pleasant and healing aroma. It is one of the most soothing and calming oils, proven to cause deep mental relaxation in studies. This powerful, fragrant oil is present in the Floral Hydration Hair Mist

HIBISCUS This beautiful Ayurvedic flower is rich in antioxidants and imparts shine to the hair while promoting healthy growth. Hibiscus has been used since ancient times for its ability to delay pre-mature graying. Hibiscus is rich in 
amino acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and alpha Hydroxyl acids along with other nutrients which are extremely beneficial for your hair and aid in hair growth, hair loss and hair regrowth. This flower extract is present in the Flower Garden Hair Butter.

YLANG YLANG The Flower of Flowers" as it is called, is balancing both to the hair, and the mind. Ylang-Ylang is made into a soothing and sensual oil with a fresh, floral, sweet, slightly fruit and exotic fragrance. Ylang Ylang oil was regularly used as a natural hair growth remedy in Victorian England and has continued to be used to treat fine and limp hair. It boosts hair development when massaged into hair follicles and it is used as natural treatment for alopecia and thinning hair. This ingredient is present in the Rose & Honey Milk Detangler.

CALENDULA Applied to the scalp promotes growth of stronger hair by increasing collagen production and circulation in hair follicles. Calendula is also known as pot-marigold and is an herbal plant that has lots of medicinal values. Commonly it is known as Marigold and it has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it good for healing wounds, cuts and inflammatory skin diseases. This flower is present in the Rose & Honey Milk Detangler.

WILD PANSY Is a perennial flower that grows up to 3 to 40 cm and comes in many forms. Its petals display a variety of rich colours: it mixes yellow, blue, purple and white into the wide range of hues that give meadows such vibrancy. It is naturally comprised of Salicylic Acid, tannins and flavonoids and can effectively nourish the scalp and this way improve hair quality. This flower extract is present in the Flower Garden Hair Butter.

PASSION FLOWER This exotic and sweet-scented flower is soothing, anti-inflammatory and sedative in nature. This flower extract is present in the Flower Garden Hair Butter.

SWEET ORANGE Similar to citrus oils, it is rich in Vitamin C, it dilates the blood capillaries to enhance nousihment to the follicles as a way to strengthen the hair roots and stimulate their growth. This ingredient features in the African Citrus Bloom Hair Oil and African Citrus Bloom Shampoo.

TANGERINE Citrus essential oils provide exceptional purifying benefits to scalp as they clean and deodorise. Naturally soothes dryness of the scalp and dandruff. This ingredient features in the African Citrus Bloom Hair Oil and African Citrus Bloom Shampoo.

CAMELLIA - Is a Japanese oil with a sweet, herbal aroma. It is made from the seeds of the Camellia flower and is a great source of unsaturated fats (similar to olive oil and grape seed oil). When used on hair, camellia oil helps to condition the hair shaft, stimulate scalp circulation, and promote healthy hair growth by preventing breakage and split ends. In Japan, Camellia oil is commonly used as a leave-in, best when applied to damp hair such as after showering. Geishas and Maikos apply a lot, for the distinct Japanese traditional glossy hair look they prefer.


Plant Oils and Butters

SHEA BUTTER Is rich in the content of bio-active triterpene esters provide beneficial effects including anti-irritancy, anti-inflammatory and enhanced UV-B protection. Organic Shea Butter forms the base of our Flower Garden Hair Butter.

COCONUT OIL / COCONUT POWDER Is rich in lauric acid, which has a high affinity for hair protein, and easily penetrates the hair shaft because of its low molecular weight. This ingredient features in our Flower Garden Hair ButterRose & Honey Milk Detangler and Curl Refresh Clay Wash.

SWEET ALMOND OIL contains a high concentration of vitamins A, B and E, all of which help add shine and brightness to dull, dry hair. Additionally, fatty acids omega 9, 6 and 3 help to reflect damaging UV rays and protect hair from the sun. This helps prevent the dullness that comes from hair that is very dry. Sweet Almond Oil is extremely nourishing to not only the lengths of the hair but the roots as well. Almond oil is lighter than many other helpful oils, which makes it an excellent natural resource for leave-in protection. This ingredient features in the African Citrus Bloom Shampoo and Flower Garden Hair Butter.

CAPRYLYL GLUCOSIDE Is an Ecocert is a naturally derived cleansing agent, obtained from renewable raw materials, through a combination of plant based fatty alcohols (coconut) and corn glucose (sugar/starch).  This ingredient features in the African Citrus Bloom Shampoo.

COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE Like Caprylyl Glucoside, is a gentle coconut derived foaming and cleansing agent considered a safe alternative to sulfates. This ingredient features in the African Citrus Bloom Shampoo.

AVOCADO OIL Is edible oil pressed from the avocado fruit, not seed. It is high in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, and is quickly absorbed by skin and hair. Vitamins B and E in avocado oil strengthen hair and boost cellular level, replenishing hair and rejuvenating the scalp for hair growth. This ingredient features in the African Citrus Bloom Hair Oil.
GRAPESEED OIL Contains vitamin E, which is necessary for hair growth and health. The extensive proteins, minerals, and the linoleic acid it contains also offer lots of benefits for hair. Hot grapeseed treatment will help hair look shiny, but not feel greasy. This ingredient features in the African Citrus Bloom Hair Oil.

SAFFLOWER OIL Protects hair, nourishes hair follicles, moisturizes, and stimulates blood circulation to promote hair growth and thickness. This ingredient features in the African Citrus Bloom Hair Oil.

RICE BRAN OIL Is a rich, nourishing, nutrient-dense carrier oil. It has one of the softest and most velvety feels amongst carrier oils.

WATERMELON OIL Or watermelon seed oil is also known as Ootonga oil or Kalahari Oil. Watermelon seeds contain 22% oil, which is thin, dry, runny and soft and smooth and a clear golden yellow with a slightly nutty flavour, reminiscent of sunflower oil. It is a dry oil containing a high level of linoleic acid. This ingredient features in the African Citrus Bloom Hair Oil.

PAPAYA OIL Is extracted from the sweet and delicious papaya fruit seeds. It helps to repair split ends and is known to restrict dandruff and protects from ultraviolet rays, making it an all-natural sunscreen. This ingredient features in the African Citrus Bloom Hair Oil.

From high potency herbal infusions and extracts to rich plant oils and plant butters, our nutrient rich products nourish your scalp naturally.


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Love it on my Relaxed Hair

I use this on my relaxed hair - it absorbs well and I have to say, my hair is feeling fuller and has far less breakage. I know Flora and Curl products are marketed for use on natural hair but I though I'd give it a try as I liked the sound of the ingredients and I am so glad I did. Even my hairdresser has noticed the positive difference in my hair. Just wish there was deep conditioner to add to the range. I am about to buy my second pot.

Would you recommend Flora & Curl to a friend?: Yes
How long have you been natural?: 2-3 Years
Miracle product!!

My son has very tight and unruly curls, and I have really really battles to keep them neat (ish) and tangle free. This is the only product that has really worked! It helps loosen the tangles and has halved our brushing time. I use in the bath on wet hair, and when it dries his curls are frizz free and beautifully bouncy. Just amazing! Flora and Curl products are the only ones I'll use on my son's hair. All natural too which is another reason!

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I absolutely loved this product!

I absolutely loved this product! Just waiting on a conditioner now

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How long have you been natural?: 4-5 Years

Moroccan Lava Curl Refresh Clay Wash

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