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Customer Testimonials

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''I love this moisture system. It's very easy to follow if you are starting out, and all the fragrances are amazing. They are different, but they blend together so well. I love how shiny it makes and keeps my hair. It feels very healthy after use, and leaves me feeling confident throughout the day. I always get compliments now on the scent of my hair. I've had people get upset when I told them it wasn't perfume, but hair care! I am already running out of the butter, so I need to pick that up again. I love this system so much.'' 
Nova, Texas

''Honestly I am so impressed with this oil!!!!! You can use it in several different ways, whichever you choose the oil will definitely leave your hair moisturised and sooooo shiny!!!! Truly locks moisture into the hair without weighing it down and loosing volume. The smell is divine too. A little goes a long way! I will NEVER be without this oil. So happy I found something that my curls have fallen hopelessly in love with.''
Natasha, London

''Oh my goodness, at the first sniff of this gorgeous multitasking oil I wanted to love it. That tangerine and citrus scent is incredible! Thankfully it lived up to my high expectations. I use this oil for my nightly scalp massages, and it is the perfect blend and consistency. I wake up and there is no trace of oil as it's all been absorbed leaving no greasy or oily residue. This keeps my scalp clean, refreshed and controls excess oil production meaning I can protect my curls by washing less frequently. I also use it as a pre-poo to nourish and protect my curls before the harsh process of wash day. Definitely a product I will be repurchasing x'' 
Elaine, Glasgow

''The results were wonderful. Applying the hair butter after the hair mist and hair oil seemed to make everything finally click. My hair became velvety soft and deeply moisturised as I worked the butter on my hair and braided it. The consistency of the butter is not heavy, it’s actually quite soft and buttery with a strong (but not intrusive or unpleasant) scent of roses. I decided to go for braids which later on in the week I would turn into a braid out. After 3 days and undid my braids, and my hair was soft, moisturised, with great definition and with a natural shine. The results were wonderful, but the one thing I loved about this butter was the wonderful scent of roses that lingered on for quite a few days even though I exercise daily.''
Monica, Aylesbury

''The Butter was very easy to use with a nice mess-free texture/consistency. My curls feel super soft, are moisturised and shiny, and the definition is amazing while still maintaining a very natural look which is so key for me! And the smell...ufff... heavenly... like I literally just rolled around in a pile of flowers.'' 
Amanda, London

''HYDRATE ME: This product did just that. The scent is florally and sweet, reminds me of a flower. As soon as the mist hit my hair, it was happy and well moisturised. NOURISH ME: Again, this product did just that. I love the consistency, it sealed in the first layer, and it smells great. Overall I feel that these products were made with thought for our hair and care. This combination is right for my low porosity 4C hair!'' 
Rosemary, London

''I love love love the hair oil! I use it for my treatment and have been using it to moisturise my hair. I used it over just a week and noticed that my hairline is getting thicker. Definitely tangle free! I have not had those crazy knots in a while. The moisturiser had my hair soft for about two days! The mist smells soooooo good! My hair felt so moisturised and shiny.''
Margaret, Maryland

''The Superfruit Hair Oil left no sticky residue and did not weigh my hair down which is a win-win for me. With the Hair Mist, I used the oil to help refresh my second-day curls which actually worked wonders and left my hair looking shiny and fresh. Here are the results from using the Superfruit Hair Oil as a hot oil treatment: my hair felt soft, strong, shiny and thicker.''
Emma, London

''This African Oil, honestly worked wonders with my hair. Being natural for me hasn't been easy as my hair is always dry and HARD and it's actually a pain to even deal with half the time . But after using this, it was like a complete ball game. My hair was ACTUALLY manageable. Ladies, if you have tight Afro kinky hair that's always dry. This product is definetly worth the try. '' 
Samuella, Hatfield