Our Ingredient Policy

Clean Curl Promise

At Flora & Curl, our curl care is formulated with your healthiest curls in mind — to us, clean means no harsh, damaging or harmful chemicals. We believe that healthy curls start with healthy ingredients, and we believe that what you put on your hair and scalp is important.

Banned Cosmetic Ingredients

In the U.S.A

Did you know? 1938 was the last time the U.S.A
passed a major federal legislation governing the cosmetics industry.

In the European Union

More than 1,000 cosmetic ingredients are banned in the EU.

All of our ingredients meet the criteria set out in the European Union Directive for Cosmetic Safety (the strictest cosmetic safety standard in the world).

Ingredients We Avoid

Our plant powered and moisture centred philosophy means that our products are cruelty free and formulated without banned ingredients in the EU. All of our formulas are free from silicones, sulfates, parabens, pthalates, artificial colours or fragrances. 


Customer Testimonials

2474 reviews
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My daughters fluffy hair

Good, very fast to receive, pretty packaging concentrated formula, smells great.

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes

This is amazing, I love the curl activating lotion. I have never found a product that makes my curls more defined and stay defined without any refresh for 4 days. Found my holy grail!

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes
All good things in moderation

It’s like crack for hair. When you’re injecting it into your follicles, it will feel like pure ecstasy. But get carried away, and your hair will end up washed up. I learnt the hard way. You only need two hits from the vessel, and don’t go anywhere near your roots. Do it right and you’ll have the softest, most defined hair ever. Do it wrong and your hair will be flatter than a piece of tin foil.

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes

Really amazing product, really light of hair and keeps it soft. Only downside is it dosent go a long way so you have to buy quite often if you have thick hair

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes

I have 2b, 2c, 3a high porosity, fine hair and this product works great for me. It doesn’t weigh and smells amazing. Totally recommend it