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Complete Moisture Therapy Kit

 "The moment I smelt these products I just knew I had to give them a try, but I was astonished with the results! The texture is one I'm finding hard to describe in words as I know words won't do justice, but it has a perfect, velvet like, soft texture and a smooth, thick consistency that just melts between your finger tips, proving you don't need to use a lot. As well as the product being truly nourishing to the hair strands the floral essence just brings your senses alive. After approx 8 hours of drying she began to unravel her twists, ensuring to follow the natural separation to prevent frizz. She proceeded to use her afro pick to lift the roots to get her desired volume and continued to separate the twists even further by hand until she achieved a very full curly afro. "
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Being Nicole Marie
Twist 'n Define Curl Styling Duo
''What held my attention was the beautiful scent that was dispensed; a combination of rose, jasmine and aromatherapeutic oils fills the air. I’ve been on the hunt for a sweet-smelling hair mist for a while, especially as I am always harping on about how moisture is imperative for happy curls. The other thing that I appreciated (which may sound pedantic and fussy), is the even and light distribution of the spray. I find that there is nothing worse than perfectly maintaining day 2 and day 3 and then ruining it by completely drenching it in water because the nozzle on your spray bottle is too loose. The Flora & Curl Hair Mist gives complete control, and you are able to decide exactly how much you need. Again, the scent of this product made me completely fall in love with it — is compliments the mist so well and it is added the bonus that there are no added artificial fragrances.''
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"The price reflects its handmade manufacture and some of the wonderful ingredients that have been sourced (such as Rose Flower Water, Jasmine Oil, Lavender Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Manketti Oil, Papaya Oil, Tangerine Fruit Oil, Vitamin E, Green Tea to name a few). It’s the stuff of a Naturalista’s wish list. I know from looking around for myself that a lot of those oils are very expensive to buy on their own so to create these perfectly blended products takes time, effort, experimentation, skill and money. It could take me a lifetime to figure out the formulation to make my own. So I won’t bother!"
Complete Moisture Therapy Kit
"I've been raving about this hair mist on my Instagram story so much, as I've been using it constantly during this warm weather....I have to agree that it works fantastic at restoring moisture and stops my hair from feeling dry. It also adds a little bit of shine to my curls as well which is a plus. I personally don't need to use it on a daily basis, as it keeps my hair moisturised for a good 2-3days...this is great for adding moisture to your hair that lasts for the whooooooole day."

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Complete Moisture Therapy Kit
''I’m always on the lookout for new hair care, particularly to see the different effect certain ingredients can have in terms of health and length retention. Having relaxed (chemical straightening) and battered my hair with heat for basically my entire young life, it’s been a real measure for me, going natural, to invest in products with a more naturally sourced ingredient base. Flora & Curl are a new hair care company with just that in mind. Products specifically formulated for curly to kinky hair types here in the UK with natural and organic ingredients (100% natural). Free from all the nasties I typically avoid such as sulphates, silicones, mineral oil & and other synthetics, all the products have specific floral attributes. The products are heaving with super enriching oils, butters and humectants which are essential for dryer hair types like mine.''

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Complete Moisture Therapy Kit
''I decided to go for braids which later on in the week I would turn into a braid out. After 3 days I undid my braids, and my hair was soft, moisturised, with great definition and with a natural shine. The results were wonderful, but the one thing I loved about this butter was the wonderful scent of roses that lingered on for quite a few days...How much would you like to leave a lingering hair impression wherever you walked pass?!''

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Emma's Curls
Essential Moisture Therapy Kit
"The oil left no sticky residue and did not weigh my hair down which is a win-win for me. I used the oil to help refresh my second-day curls which actually worked wonders and left my hair looking shiny and fresh!''
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Candi Curls
Jasmine Oasis Hydrating Hair Mist
''I sprayed a generous amount of this on my hair the morning after wash day, and my curls just sprang back to life! I wear my hair tied back for work, and so it can end up a little dry, not anymore. I carry this hair mist in my handbag to work so that at the end of my shift i can spritz my hair and fluff it a little and my curls thank me.  This is the perfect hydrating product for in between wash days and for days when the weather just isn't on your side. Free from harsh silicone's and sulphates it isn't damaging to your hair and safe to use to hydrate your curls.''
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