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She started Flora & Curl for one simple reason: textured hair is more fragile, it should be treated with utmost care. Ingredients are truly the starting point, quick-fix hair products become quick-fix, temporary hair solutions. Between ingredients that were causing more harm than good to her hair, and claims of natural ingredients... she wanted to create her own little revolution in the textured haircare industry... starting with haircare that goes a step further.

Studies continue to show that the textured haircare market contains more hazardous ingredients compared to its counterparts ( A report by the Environmental Working Group notes that ''although “natural” hair products presumably have fewer toxic ingredients than traditional, many of these products still contain potentially harmful ingredients''.

Meet the Founder of Flora & Curl
After returning natural in 2011 (having had relaxed hair since she was six years old), she began to fall in love with her highly textured hair after years of chemically processing it. She developed Flora & Curl after realising that many products on the market contained ingredients that were bad for her hair, whether drying alcohols in hair gels, or harsh detergents in shampoos, nothing ever seemed to treat her hair with the respect she felt it deserved. She found the natural brands available at the time didn’t do enough to maximise hydration for her own dry and highly textured hair and were low in truly effective ingredients. So she invested a lot of time in studying natural ingredients, creating home-made recipes and studying at a cosmetic formulation school. The key to the brand’s success is our devotees around the world. Any number of people might try a brand after being attracted to something that may appeal like its packaging. But you will only buy a brand again and stay loyal to it if you find that it’s the haircare that performs well for you. The anecdotal support and testimonials we receive every day encourages the journey. 

From The Kitchen to Recipes

She began experimenting with botanical plant oils, butters and herbs, mixing and whipping up various ingredients in her kitchen, and wanted to share her experience. She recorded D.I.Y hair and bodycare recipe videos and shared it on her Youtube channel NaturalRose - a space for all things simple, plant-based beauty. Her recipes have garnered lots of views from around the world, with people sharing amazing results from their own creations. Over the years she has grown her hair to armpit length, cut it off completely and grown it out again. Her hair gave her the natural freedom and wonderful opportunity to express herself! It is with this same philosophy of expression that she was inspired to create another yet another space, a hair blog for women with highly textured hair.

Rose launched her hair blog for the representation of textured 4c hair (the most delicate curl type on the curl spectrum), and soon after the blog gained 3,000 subscribers, posed this question:  what is your biggest hair problemThe recurring problem from the over 300+ responses to this simple question was recurring dry and brittle hair.  And this is where the idea for Flora & Curl Hair Care blossomed - a moisture centred haircare. But she also wanted to distinguish her brand in a beauty industry with a lot of greenwashed marketing and heavy ingredient claims.

It was the Start of a Haircare Journey 
Rose wanted to create haircare products that were not watered down by unnecessary ingredients and non-nourishing fillers, but were powered by nature's most active ingredients: botanicals. Botanical hair food is far more therapeutic for the mind, and nutritive for the scalp (much more nourishing, healing, moisturising and protective), for our health, our bodies and overall well being.

She invests a lot of time and care in blending various aromas, working to find the perfect velvety texture and consistency, ensuring that every formula is trialed and tested by different curl types before ever being launched. 

Flora & Curl begins with quality over quantity, putting customers first and their healthy hair goals first.

From thoughtfully designed packaging and labels that really allow the botanical ingredients to shine through, to intoxicating scents and luxurious textures, the result is a haircare range that encourages women with textured hair to feel amazing and fall in love with their haircare routine.