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Welcome Brand Ambassadors!

If you're on this page, you have been selected to join Flora & Curl's Brand Ambassador program! You are now a part of an elite, hand-selected group of amazing naturalistas and you will have the chance for your personal brand to expand. #floracurlpartner

About our Blogger Ambassador Program
Earn extra money every month when you introduce your readers and followers to Flora & Curl! By simply sharing our range with your unique 10% discount code which you will choose when you register through our portal below.

What You'll Be Doing
As a brand ambassador, you will need to submit a minimum of 2 photos, videos and/or blog posts a month. You are certainly welcome to submit more, as the more you submit, the more often we can feature you on all our platforms. The videos/photos should highlight you using our products in some manner. Examples might be: 

  1. A photo of you smiling beautifully with one or more of your fave Flora & Curl products
  2. A 15 second video showing how you achieved a cute style using our products
  3. A photo or 15 second video of you unboxing your Flora & Curl delivery.
  4. 300-word blog post detailing how you use Flora & Curl
  5. 5. A 3-minute YouTube tutorial showing how you achieve a gorgeous style using Flora & Curl products

How to submit your content
 or routine videos:
Post directly to Instagram and tag @floracurl in the body of the caption.

YouTube videos:
Email your video link to hello@floracurl.com

Blog posts:
Email your blog link to hello@floracurl.com

What's In It For You

There are so many wonderful competitive rewards and opportunities for our Brand Ambassadors!

In exchange you will receive:

  • An initial selection of our quality product line.
  • You earn 6% commissions for each sale referred by your discount code
  • Fast & easy regular monthly payments through PayPal
  • Bonus: £50 worth of products when you refer atleast 10 people in one month

Customer you referred orders African Citrus Bloom Oil for £18 | Complete Moisture Kit for £49
You earn 6% commission of approx. £1 | £2.5
If you have a 2,000+ audience and you refer just 10 customers to us in a month = you earn approx. £10 | £25 via Paypal

Our Content Style
Examples of acceptable photo styles are as follows:

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About us:
Flora & Curl is a 100% plant powered botanical haircare range inspired by the power of herbs and flowers for moisturised and healthy textured hair. Flora & Curl says nature meets curls. Each product is expertly blended to harness the finest ingredients nature has to offer, fragranced only with pure flower and fruit oils. Our ingredients are locally and sustainably sourced, our packaging is recycled or recyclable, and our products are tested on humans, not animals.

Flora & Curl was born out of passion for authentic, naturally hydrating and high quality haircare particularly for women who struggle with dry, dehydrated and damaged hair. Our products are designed with love, purpose and function to help women respond to the needs of your hair and enjoy taking care of it. We take a wellness and self-care approach to haircare.

How does our Ambassador Program work?
It’s simple! A follower uses your 10% off discount code to order on floracurl.com > the order will be registered as a sale for you > you earn a 6% commission on the sale > paid to your Paypal account once a total of just £10 is reached.

Who is the program for? Can I join?

The Program is open to passionate natural hair, beauty and living Bloggers, Instagrammers, Youtubers and content creators. If you have tried our products and have loved it, join us to earn some extra cash on the side.

How do I sign up? What happens after I sign up?
Click the button above to complete our registration form to set up your account. You will then wait to receive an activation confirmation email of your chosen discount code. Then, you're good to start earning by sharing your code!

Can I leave anytime?  If at any time I want to cancel this would I be able to?
Yes absolutely, just let us know without reason at hello@floracurl.com and we will confirm deletion of account once we have paid your reserves.

What tips can you give me?
As a sole beauty entrepreneur, we recommend sharing your best tutorials and setting a sales goal for yourself of at least 5 recommendations each calendar month as a minimum. Feel free to aim to higher goals for more revenue. Additional opportunities and increases are possible in the future based on your sales numbers!

When do I receive payment?
Payment will be made via Paypal once a £10 threshold is reached on your dashboard!

Can Policy change?
We will email all affiliates if any policy is to change within 30 days notice.