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Based on your answers, the first thing we’d like to suggest is our curl defining CURL REFRESH CLAY WASH! People with your hair concern struggling with frizziness call this their “go to product” and it boasts 2-IN-1 abilities to condition and cleanse your hair, all at the same time (we might aswell make it 3 because it defines too!)! Pamper your hair with a unique hair-softening clay treatment powered by pure Morrocan Rhassoul and Bentonite Clay...Then watch your curls transform into more defined, lustrous curls!

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User Testimonial: Latoya

How to apply it: In a small bowl, mix 2 tbsp of the treatment with 4 tbsp of water to activate to toothpaste consistency. Apply the treatment to your hair and roots, and let the treatment sit on hair for 8-15 minutes under a plastic cap. Then allow hair to be rinsed thoroughly with warm water and be amazed! Tip: For best results apply on damp, already detangled hair and apply mixture in twisted sections. Cover shoulders with towel before starting.

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