About Flora & Curl - Flora & Curl Botanical Haircare

About Flora & Curl


Flora (floor-ah) {biology} ~ plant life.

Truly natural haircare that responds to the daily needs of your textured hair

We are an active botanical moisture solution for women with naturally dry textured hair (from wavy, curly, coily and kinky afro textured hair). Flora & Curl says nature to curls. It is a philosophy of our nature and essence, just as we are meant to be. 

We believe that healthy hair starts with a healthy, balanced scalp. The scalp's climate is highly fragile and absorbs much faster than the skin. We’re proud that our natural products contain a higher quantity of active ingredients than many traditional brands that have the ability to work below the scalp. We avoid harsh, harmful and unnecessary ingredients often found in conventional hair products. Our mission is to give our customers an experience of what all-natural should feel like. Compared to conventional products, our products look, feel and smell 100% natural.

No longer should complicated routines be a norm. We believe that your haircare should smell and feel amazing and add enjoyment to your everyday routine. The scent, the feel and the expression of our products is deliberate and thoughtfully crafted to ensure that your daily haircare experience is a sensorial delight that makes you feel good on the inside out.
Our Mission
More than just natural. It's a philosphy.

• To revolutionise haircare for dry and fragile textured hair by making the best all-natural products out of the highest quality ingredients available.
We want you to read our labels and truly understand what is going onto your hair.
• To provide customers with an amazing customer service experience.
• To forward the natural hair inspiration, movement, education and knowledge.
• To promote self-love, body-love and hair-love by self-acceptance.
• To create a company that people love to work for and love to buy from because we really care about what we stand for.

Learn More About Flora & Curl in 3 Steps

  • Our Key Ingredients: As a botanical haircare range, our haircare products are powered by nature's most active, botanical ingredients such as Sweet Orange, Lavender, Rose Water, based on their proven ability to work below the scalp's surface to restore and heal.

  • Our Ingredient PolicyWith fragile textured hair, ingredients definitely matter, and we are a little choosey. Find out why!

  • Our PhilosophyFlora & Curl is more than just a product range. It is a conscious underlying lifestyle and commitment to the earth that will leave you feeling good about your hair and the planet.

    Our products are made in the UK.
    Our philosophy subscribes to the Real Beauty Manifesto movement.