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Coconut Mint Curl Refresh Clay Wash (8.5oz)

Ready to give your scalp and hair a clean break the natural way?

Say hello to our scalp soothing clay-based cleanser specially made for curls. Cut the time you spend on washday in half with our unique 2-in-1 purifying and conditioning Clay Wash. Nature's most healing earth clays of Morrocan Lava (Rhassoul) Clay and Bentonite Clay purify the scalp of build-up so that your hair can absorb products better, while fruit powders of organic Coconut and Banana powder deep condition overworked strands, to create the ultimate hair softening treatment for your curls.

Hair needs to be cleansed naturally without stripping it of essential moisture and proteins. 

    • Clay minerals purify, exfoliate and absorb dirt, flakiness and build-up from the scalp
    • Organic & pure banana and coconut intensely softens curls
    • Micro minerals in clays and mint oils stimulate scalp and promote hair growth
    • Visibly enhances curl definition
    • Perfect for dirty or old hair in need of a build up detox to allow hair to respond naturally to products again

Customer Reviews

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The best clay wash

Great clay wash, my hair is silky and hydrated another winning product from a fabulous hair care range.

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Better than I expected

I’m not a stranger to clay washes. This particular concoction is wonderful! Left my coils soft, clean but not dry.

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Days later and my hair feels great!

First time using clay and my hair is so much softer

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Wonderful product - just what i needed

I've been looking for a good cleanser because my hair was looking dull from use of different curly hair products. My hair felt super clean after using it but not dry as it does with other cleansers. Im looking forward to using it again.


This product leaves my hair feeling super clean and my curls defined. Removes all product build up, it’s a staple product for a curly girl!

Clay Wash

Really good I feel like my hair is softer I didn’t use it that much but it feels good

Amazing product!!!

After using this my hair felt soft and nice. My curls were nice.

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Happy happy happy

I am beyond impressed at how awesome Flora&Curl is. My hair has never felt so good ,so fast! However I was bummed that I didn't recieve a free butter with my order. It was my understanding that every order in July recieved a free butter? No big deal, I just would've like to see what dat butta is about🥰🎶 Thank you Flora & Curl2 🌺

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Wonderful products

I love these products, everything smells wonderful and works so well. These are my new go to items, my hair looks amazing and feels better!

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Extremely moisturising!

I’m in love with this product, works really well in my hair. I’ve finally found a product that works well in my hair!!

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Thoroughly pleased!!

I received my oil and used it that night. Next day I thought it smelled off. NOTE - I had a bad migraine then. I contacted the company and even though no one else has had this issue, Florencia graciously said she would replace it. I waited a few days, started with freshly washed hair and used again. It worked and SMELLED beautiful! It must have been the headache. The awesome customer service on top of an already awesome product, they've earned a customer for life! You really CANNOT go wrong here! 😊

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes
Best Shampoo Ever!!

I used this shampoo once and instantly fell in love!!! Sooo moisturizing for my dry 4c hair!! Cleansed my hair and scalp very well. When I rinsed my hair felt like I conditioned it. And it’s made with clean, healthy ingredients!! It’s now my staple shampoo. I would’ve given it 4 stars because the product I received came in a pump dispensing bottle, but I contacted the company and they gave me a quick reply and told me I could mention in the comments that I would prefer not to have a pump dispensing bottle and they could accommodate. Love this product and brand!!!!