How To Workout With Curly Hair

by Kaisha McCammon September 29, 2018

How To Workout With Curly Hair

Can you work out with curly hair? The answer is yes you can. The beauty of natural hair means our hair is very versatile. When we think of going to the gym, we automatically think of how long it took to acheive the perfect twist out, getting amazing curl definition and how to protect our hair while working up a sweat. But why should we limit ourselves just because our curly tresses may get in the way. 

Co - Wash

While working out, many naturals like to do a mid week co - wash to refresh their hair and scalp. Co - Washing is a conditioning based cleanser that can replace shampoo. It is a great way to wash and refresh your tresses through out the week without completely stripping the natural oils from your hair. Now not everyone likes using co washes, so you can always opt for a gentle cleansing shampoo. Along with a light wash and moisturising your curls , your hair will be refreshed until wash day. 

The Updo  

Keeping your hair out of your face and away from your neck is important as that is where we tend to sweat. Along with buns, a ponytail and putting your hair in to a pineapple, these are great protective styles for keeping your hair up and out of the way while working out. There are other protective styles you can try. You can also try cornrows, braids or twists as a low manipulation hairstyle. 

Short Hair

Why work up a sweat and deal with your hair at the same time. If your rocking a cute twa or have short natural tresses, then fear not. Using a head band will help keep your curls out of your face and protect your hair from frizz. 

Working out doesn't have to be stressful when your hair is concerned. 

Naturally yours,

Kaisha McCammon
Kaisha McCammon



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