Meet Our New Gentle Curl Towel!

Meet Our New Gentle Curl Towel!

We are thrilled to launch our very FIRST hair accessory and your soon-to-be (if not already) next curl companion; our new Gentle Curl Towel

Hi there, #floracurlfamily! We are thrilled to launch our very FIRST hair accessory and your soon-to-be (if not already) next curl companion; our new Gentle Curl Towel! As with all of our productions for curly hair care, we decided to create an effective tool that will significantly help in keeping curls ultra-soft without excess manipulation and ensuring our chosen materials help with minimising wash day frizz!

Designed with Science for all curl types

Why these specific materials?

We look into the facts, the data and the hypotheses' of ingredients, fabrics and much more when creating curl care. Science is our go-to! Which is why we can confidently say that we have produced our Gentle Curl Towel (along with our curl care products) with the science of curls in mind. For instance, the fabrics we have opted for include:

Spandex 5%
Polyester 30%
Cotton 65%

Anti-frizz technology - Rid wash day frizz!

Spandex is a material known for its high absorption qualities. It is a breathable material that dries liquids very easily and quickly. So, let’s confidently wave goodbye to waiting around for those curls to air dry! Additionally, polyester helps with maintaining the durability of the towel, however, we chose to use a much lesser percentage than our competitors as we thrive off of being conscious – we are aware that this material can take longer to breakdown, hence the 40% difference from our competitors. 65% of our towel is made of cotton. This material is great and not only is it biodegradable but renewable and sustainable! It also has a whole host of benefits, this includes being ultra-soft on curls, smoothing, and due to the softness of the towel, this deters in curl manipulation, breakage and tension. The whole towel has been produced with anti-frizz technology, due to breathable, durable and soft components allowing for you to also wave away that unwanted wash day frizz. 

Why do we not use a cotton terry towel?

Steer away from Cotton Terry Towels

Using a regular cotton terry towel is a big no! As the materials are made more so for the body, it does not consider the materials that would be beneficial to the hair. The standard cotton terry towel is extremely damaging to the hair shaft and weakens the strands each time you dry. Not to mention the severity of manipulation to the curls it so significantly has. These types of towels also encourage frizz! So, whatever you do #floracurlfamily, please steer away from your average cotton terry towel, trust us, your curls will thank you for it later!

Let your curls blossom with our new Gentle Curl Towel.

Naturally Yours,
The Team at Flora & Curl

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