Lab Living with Philomena: Meet Your Scalp Soothing Saviours

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Lab Living with Philomena: Meet Your Scalp Soothing Saviours

Welcome to another series of Lab Living with Philomena! We are super-stoked to be sharing this EXCLUSIVE interview with our Flora & Curl family. Philomena takes us on her journey for finding the best ingredients and actives to help provide ultimate comfort for those who have either dry, oily, flaky and scaly scalp conditions. Are you ready to learn more about our bespoke 4? Then keep reading.

An Introduction

The Soothe Me range took more than a year to develop. Like any product development, it all starts with a brief. Rose provided me with an incredibly detailed vision of the products for the range. From there, we started sourcing and testing several different ingredients and formats. We also experienced delays along the way due to the pandemic.

The biggest challenge that we encountered was looking for a plant-based solution to help promote a healthy scalp. While there were several options we considered, we chose APISCALP™ in the end because of its effects and how it’s sustainably produced and sourced which aligns with our brand ethos.

What was the most challenging formulation from the Soothe Me newbies?

The scalp mist was the last one to be developed because of so many revisions so I’d say that one.

What were your favourite ingredients to work with when developing the new products?

Aside from APISCALP™, my other favourite is the Malachite Extract which contains natural copper and other trace minerals. It has a blue/green colour and is rich in antioxidants.

Could you tell us more about the APISCALP™ addition to the products?

It is a plant-based natural extract of celery seeds (apium graveolens) obtained by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction which is an eco-designed process. This production method is low-impact as it requires less energy compared to traditional extraction. This extract is multi-functional as it helps restore and balance your scalp while also provide comfort to the effects brought about by both dry and oily scalp.

What are the key ingredients in the newbies and why are they so important?

There are a few ingredients that we wanted to highlight for this range such as coconut, peppermint, lavender water, tea tree, and eucalyptus. Together, these ingredients help promote a healthy and nourished scalp while also providing comfort.

Could you share some educational scalp tips with us?

To have healthy and nourished hair we must focus on our scalp health more. Simple changes in your hair care routine can greatly affect your scalp health such as choosing a gentle yet effective shampoo to remove excess sebum and dirt. Scalp treatments are also beneficial.

Thank you for sharing this with our curl community, Philomena! So, it took over a year to formulate these 4 products! That's how thorough we are when it comes down to making natural, vegan and effective recipes for your curls and your sensitive scalp. Learn more about our newbies here. And don't forget to take a look at our Scalp Refresh Massager

Are you ready to start fresh

Naturally Yours, 
The Team at Flora & Curl 

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