Lab Living with Philomena: Meet Your New Super-Stylers!

February 11, 2021 0 Comments

Lab Living with Philomena: Meet Your New Super-Stylers!

Philomena, our New Product Development Executive, gives us the full scoop on what it has been like formulating our two brand new stylers: the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Volumizing Foam and Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Cream.

Q1. What were your favourite ingredients to work with when developing the two new products?

"The two products contain a new ingredient that we have not used before and I enjoyed working and playing around with it. This ingredient is a hair fixative and styling polymer which is derived naturally and is sustainable. Aside from being natural and sustainable, the ingredient performs exceptionally well so expect easier styling and more definition and volume!"

Q2. Are these products vegan-friendly?

"Our two new products are vegan-friendly and also still follow our brand philosophies."

Clean Curl Promise

Q3. How long does it take to formulate a new product?

"The project timeline varies depending on several factors. We create product briefs, source our ingredients, create samples then send them out for testing. We do so many revisions in between formulations as well, as we only want the best products for our Flora & Curl family. I would say it takes a few months! We can sometimes spend at-least 6 months developing the basic recipe."

Q4. Where do you take your inspiration from when creating new products?

"Rose, our Founder, is the brain behind all the amazing products. She tells me her vision and concept and I work with her to formulate the products."

Q5. What were the biggest challenges when creating a volumizing foam?

"The biggest challenge is getting the right consistency of the foam so that it feels light on the curls."

Flora & Curl Brand NEW Sweet Hibiscus Curl Volumizing Foam

Q5. What were the biggest challenges when creating the Twist & Braid cream?

"For the twist and braid cream, the biggest challenge is creating the perfect consistency as well as getting the perfect pink colour. We wanted the cream to be fun and easy to use!"

Flora & Curl Brand NEW Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Cream

Q6. What are the key ingredients on these 2 new products and why are they so important?

"Since these two new products are part of the Style Me range, they contain Sweet Hibiscus for extra shine and gloss, Lotus Flower and Burdock Root Extract for softer and more defined curls and our styling polymer for extra hold and volume. The Twist and Braid Cream contains an extra ingredient which is derived from Macadamia Nuts. It provides easy slip and protection from heat."

Flora & Curl NEW Formulartions & Key Ingredients Sneak Peek

Do you have any questions for our New Product Development Executive? Philomena would love to give you more insight and information on our product formulations! We love to keep it transparent, natural and full of super-nourishing ingredients that not only care for those curls, but consciously consider the environment. Please feel free to leave a comment with your question or send an email to 

Naturally Yours,

The Team at Flora & Curl 

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great and easy to use

I love that this clay is mixed with other things so you don’t have to apply any vinegar afterwards. It’s perfect for travelling, not only because ot is not a liquid, but also because ot is so easy to use and it hydrates and clarify your hair! <3 And the scent of this product is just AMAZING <3 My boyfriend loves to use it, too. He said his hair was never so beautiful before using this “magic”! :)

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Curl gamechanger!

Just about to finish my first bottle of this and about to order another. I have fine curls and this foam is very lightweight, non sticky and has great hold too! You don’t need too much product to get bouncy full definition. It’s a staple in my curl routine!

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Perfect curls

I stopped wearing my hair curly because I couldn’t find a product that would adequately hold my curls all day without making the curls look “wet” and over styled. A friend recommended this product and it has transformed my curls to look healthy and frizz-free!

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Very surprised

I've been struggling with finding products, but I'm really enjoying these and so is my wavy hair! Not 100% sure on the creamy shampoo but the other products are working a treat!

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes

I wanted to try this set to be able to experience the different products and it didn’t disappoint! Will be purchasing in size.