Lab Living With Philomena: Get To Know Our NPD Executive!

Lab Living With Philomena: Get To Know Our NPD Executive!

We interviewed our New Product Development Executive! Get to know CEO, Rose's right-hand woman, Philomena!
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We are so excited to share our interview with Philomena, our New Product Development Executive! Philomena helps bring our CEO, Rose's vision for our unique formulas to life! All of your favourite products were initially designed by Rose and then transferred onto Philomena to ensure the efficacy of each product! We love Philomena for formulating these plant-powered samples that work for all curl types and textures!

Let's hear from Philomena:

What's a typical day in the lab for you?

"A typical day involves lab work such as developing and improving new and existing formulations; this can include formulating samples and sending them out for consumer testing. Once formulations are finalised, we then send it out to our partner laboratory for safety assessment and testing. When I am not formulating, I liaise with ingredient suppliers to determine what new products they can offer which may be suitable for a given project."

How long does it take to come up with a formulation?

"The time it takes to come up with a formulation actually varies depending on how complex the project is. Typically Rose and I work on a product brief first where she explains her vision on a particular project. From that vision, we work together to create a formula around it. After that, I look for suppliers and order the ingredients. Once we have the ingredients ready, we work on testing the formulation. Rose and I are both perfectionists so it takes us so many revisions just to make the perfect product."

What are the benefits of creating sensorial products?

"Aside from creating products that provide functional benefits, developing sensorial products provides a more immersive experience to the consumers."

What has been the highlight of working for Flora & Curl so far?

"I started working for F&C just early last year and I am very grateful for the opportunities and trust Rose has given me. I must say the highlight so far is seeing the first project I worked on slowly come to life!"

Do you have any questions for Philomena? We would love to know! Please feel free to either send us an email at, comment below or, send us a direct message on either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

Naturally Yours,
Team Flora & Curl


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