Good For The World: We're Made Local

Good For The World: We're Made Local

Learn more about our production ethos and how locally sourcing our ingredients has brilliant benefits!
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Learn about our production ethos:

Our artisanal curl care products are formulated, made and filled here in the United Kingdom.

We work with trusted U.K. based suppliers to develop our products from scratch. For example, our wonderful labels and our eco-friendly delivery boxes are made in the U.K. Our ingredients and packaging are supplied by local suppliers rather than international suppliers.

We source natural, cold-pressed oils and butters from local suppliers. Sourcing natural produce/ingredients from local suppliers, for our botanical formulas not only benefit us in efficacy and results, but it also has great effects for our environment!

Environmental and economic benefits of locally sourcing

Buying locally decreases fuel emissions which then, of course, reduces unnecessary pollution rates. This means that the ingredients, components and packaging we source are either supplied by local suppliers (thereby negating any emissions from supplying and transporting goods externally) or made by local suppliers (which is even better) which support the local community financially and ensure that businesses near to us are supported by our trade.

Improved relationships with the local community

You must know how much we love the planet by now, but we love people too! Buying locally is great for morale and helping your local businesses thrive. Essentially, we are creating a solid foundation of trust within our community and are very appreciative of their work ethic and local produce. A focal point is that when buying locally, we are quintessentially preventing slave labour of factory workers in third world countries as local workers are protected by strict health regulations, unlike poorer countries that do not have safe and/or legal environments that are regulated as often as they should be. Being closer to the process of developing, ensures that we keep an eye on the process and build strict and regulated relationships that we can trust.

New Product Developments

Buying locally will fasten up our lead times on producing new hair products for those curls of yours! We have more control and immediate contact with our suppliers so that we know the full ins and outs of our materials/ingredients’ progress.

Buying locally really does make a difference to not only the relationships between yourself and your community but the planet as a whole. As you already know, our values are so very closely tied to being super environmentally-friendly and we continue to look into other methods of sustainability to make even greater changes that will help the planet soar and in-turn contribute to a healthier, cleaner and ethical lifestyle for you and our beloved animals of this planet!

What you can do

Want to make a change yourself? Start small. Here’s a starting point:

We hope that helps you out when embarking on your eco-friendly journey! Let us know how you're getting on and tag us on our social media platforms at #floracurl! 

Naturally Yours,
The Team at Flora & Curl

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